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Broery and Haron Abdulmajid at WEA, Shaw Tower, Singapore, 1978. Haron now is retired and he enjoys life together with his wife and children. He lives in Kelantan Malaysia and has a cafe there called Cafe Nostalgia. (Sarimon, Elvita and Yumal, thanks for your info.) (Who also has a photo of Broery together with someone else?)
Broery and colleague singer Dewi Yull.
Manager Berti Lumanauw (left), a Japanese staff member and Broery (right), in Japan at a singing contest. Year unknown. (Where does Berti lives now? What is the name of the Japanese staff member?)
Broery with Joy (son of his brother Hemi) and Aska Marantika or Utary Sumelang (can you please contact us?), a girl from the neighborhood, in 1987. The picture was made at Jalan Pasu Ruan No. 24 - Jakarta Pusat.
Broery and Anita at Broery's parents house in Ambon. (What year was this picture taken?)
Broery with his dogs. The dog is a 'Collie', also known as a Scottish Shephard/Collie (Scots Colley Dog). It got famous through the 1960's US TV series 'Lassie'. (Paula Lumihi and Emiel Schoeren, Eindhoven, Nl. (What were the dogs called and where and when was this picture taken?)
Adibah Noor and Broery in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia in 1995 . Story behind this photo is here.
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