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Pesulima family history. Site about the history and genealogy of the families Pesulima, Pesoelima, Passelima and Picaulima, originally coming from Soya, Maluku, Indonesia. Descendants live in Indonesia, the Netherlands, the USA and Denmark. The website comes with introduction, history, family trees, name index etc.
  BARTIM is specialized in music on cd and vcd from Indonesia and Maluku. See the Broery collection!
Indonesian music online shop. The only Indonesian music shop online, who is specialized in the promoting and sales of Indonesian music, art, and culture on the internet. Great collection of albums with Broery Pesulima (Marantika).
  Irma Pane's official website. Irma is a performing recording artist from Bandung, Indonesia. She currently resides in Potomac, Maryland, USA. is a general Indonesia start page.
  Lots of links to almost all subjects concerning Maluku.   All ins and outs of Indonesia.
  Indonesia start page.

Living in Indonesia   'A site for expats'. Providing a wealth of practical information for expatriates planning to move to or already living in Indonesia.

  Everything you always wanted to know about the Dutch East-Indies.   Good place to start your search about all kind of facts on Indonesia.

AsiaSource   AsiaSource is an online resource developed by the Asia Society to meet the need for timely, reliable, unbiased information and assistance regarding the cultural, economic, social, historical, and political dimensions of Asia.

Giegengack History   History and family tree of the Giegengack - Gigengack - Geigengack family, originally coming from Thüringen, Germany.   The homepage with news, weather, traffic and all kind of useful links.

Elements used from the article Night Breeze Passing by Willis Pinidji, Gatranews.
Picture of Broery and Hengky was made available by and used with permission of family J.J. Pesulima. Photographer and year unknown.
Photo of Broery and his family from Tabloid Nova, 16 April 2000.
Portrait of Dewi Yull from
Portrait of Bob Tutupoly from Suara Merdeka. (I'm still looking for a better one.)
Portrait of Chrisye from

Others about...
Picture of Irma Pane from the Irma Pane website.

1. Picture of Broery from Kompas.
2. Broery from Surga.
3. With Haron from by Haron Abdulmajid.
4. With Dewi Yull from
5. Broery from Kompas, by Kartono Ryadi.
6. Berti and Broery in Japan. From the private collection of John and Jane Pesulima.
7. With Joy and girl. From the private collection of John and Jane Pesulima.
8. With Anita, from the private collection of John and Jane Pesulima.
9. Broery and dogs. From the private collection of John and Jane Pesulima.